The Neutral Spine Position

This is the position where the spine is pain free and not under any strain. All the exercises you do should be done while keeping the spine in this neutral position. It may however vary for each individual, depending on the source of back pain.

Now let’s find the neutral spine position:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent
  • Get a friend to put their hand under your back
  • Gently press their hand against the floor
  • Now, while maintaining this gentle push against the floor, lift one leg up
  • If you find your back arches away from the hand, you have moved away from the neutral spine
  • Try again until you have mastered it

Now try these:

  1. Raise one foot
  2. Raise the other foot
  3. Raise one arm
  4. Raise the other arm
  5. Raise one leg
  6. Raise the other leg

Another way of achieving the neutral spine is to tighten the muscle between your tummy button and the top of your pubic bone. Try not to hold your breath! Practice tightening and breathing normally. This neutral spine should be used throughout the day and during all activities to help stabilise the spine.