A typical back pain story

Some types of back pain will start after an event or some kind of trauma. We realise we’ve done something and tend to seek help more quickly.

Some types of back pain however come on more slowly. It starts as a niggle that comes on gradually. We try and ignore it, in the hopes that it will just go away. We maybe take it easy for a few days but still it persists. Eventually, we decide to go to the doctor for some pain killers and anti –inflammatories. These seem to ease the pain and so, eventually we return to our daily activities.  A few weeks or months later, the pain seems to come back, only this time it seems a bit worse and lasts a bit longer.

This time it makes it uncomfortable to sit in meetings, drive your car and play with your kids. You start using an array of ice, heat and creams and find yourself constantly trying to stretch it out in an effort to just find some relief. One unsuspecting day, you lean over to pick up a piece of paper for example and your back goes. Suddenly you’re lying on the lounge floor staring at the ceiling and wondering if the pain will ever go away again!

This is when most people decide to call the chiropractor! We can get you in for an appointment really quickly and get you on that road to recovery. We ask a detailed history so that we can understand your back and then do a full examination until we come to a diagnosis. We explain what we’ve found and together with you, come up with a treatment plan that will both benefit your back and suit your lifestyle.

If any of this sounds familiar give us a call and we’d be happy to chat to you!