9 Top tips about your driving position

According to research done by the British Chiropractic Association, 25% of those questioned felt driving was a factor affecting their posture. Whether you drive many miles for work or do many short journeys, your driving position can affect your posture. It’s important (and easy) to get it right!

Enjoy your journey!

  • If you share a car, adjust the seat to your posture every time you get in.
  • Set the seat slightly backwards with your elbows at a comfortable and relaxed angle for driving.
  • If the wheel is too high or far away, tension will build up in your shoulders and upper back.
  • If it’s too low and close it can put strain on wrists and the muscles of the upper back.
  • Once you have adjusted the steering wheel and seat, make sure you still allow the recommended 10 inch distance between you and the airbag cover in your steering wheel.
  • Your mirrors should allow you to see all around the car with movement of your eyes and head movement at a minimum.
  • Relax and allow the seat to take your weight.
  • Take regular breaks, at least every 2 hours. Take breaks more frequently if you are feeling discomfort.
  • Clench your buttock cheeks while stuck in traffic. You can also try side bends and shoulder shrugs.