Heaven forbid your bad back stops you playing golf!

They estimate you swing your club 70-100 times during an 18 hole round. Imagine doing that with a bad back!

Any little imbalance or misalignment is going to be magnified through that kind of repetitive exertion but more importantly:

  • affect your game
  • cause you discomfort
  • make you miserable

The biggest contributing factors to injury are:

  1. poor technique
  2. inadequate stretching (pre AND post match)
  3. carrying heavy bags incorrectly

7 Top tips to avoid a bad back on the golf course:

  • use the new lighter bags with dual harness straps over both shoulders to evenly distribute the weight
  • spend 5 minutes stretching before you play to increase flexibilty and reduce your risk of injury
  • at the very least – hamstrings, quads, chest muscles and shoulders
  • 5 minutes after you’ve finished (before you hit the bar) to stretch out those tired muscles
  • bend from the knees when you pick up your golf bag
  • a power or electric caddy is actually the safest way round a golf course, better than a trolley
  • wear good shoes to help with stability and avoid twisting back and hips

They are simple tips that we all know already but a gentle reminder never hurt anyone! Good luck with your next round, play well.