Reduce your chance of back pain on holiday

The holidays are coming up, are you going anywhere nice? It always makes me laugh when people say that! Why would you go somewhere horrible on your holidays?! Anyway, I digress… I can’t tell you how often people call saying they started with back pain or neck pain either on holiday or just before. It’s because people are out of their normal routines. Let’s see if we can keep you safe in the run up to your holiday and beyond!

Before you go:

  • choose a light weight suitcase to avoid back pain
  • push it in front of you instead of twisting your back to pull it behind you
  • two small cases are better than one big one
  • try not to travel tired, it increases your chance of injury
  • avoid rushing around

In the car:

  • make sure you adjust the driving position if you hire a car
  • check out these driving position tips
  • wear loose clothing
  • relaxing will help reduce any neck or back pain

On the plane:

  • no alcohol, it dehydrates you and aggravates muscle pain
  • drink plenty of water
  • exercise in your chair with shoulder shrugs, buttocks clenches and foot circles
  • get up and walk about whenever you can
  • walk through the airport instead of using the travelator, you’ll need to get moving as soon as possible

When you arrive:

  • if the hotel bed is too hard, get a spare duvet and put it between you and the mattress
  • try not to lie on your stomach on a sun lounger with your neck and back arched
  • try putting your book on the floor and read over the back of the lounger, your head and neck should be more neutral that way

Other than that, have yourself a fabulous holiday with lots of rest! Send us a postcard…