Top tips to help you through the working day back pain free

We're nearly at the end of Chiropractic Awareness Week for this year and the British Chiropractic Association have kindly put together some top tips for you:

Sit up Straight

  • relax when sitting in your seat
  • make sure your bottom is resting against the seat back
  • your shoulder blades should touch the back rest
  • keep arms relaxed and close to the body
  • place your arms on the desk when typing
  • when driving, tilt the seat backwards slightly so that it feels natural
top tips back and neck pain

Be Computer Compatible

  • make sure the top of the screen is level with the eyebrows
  • tilt the chair slightly forward so that the knees are lower than the hips and feet are flat on the floor
  • limit tablet or laptop use away from a desk, it encourages poor posture!

Take Regular Breaks

  • don't sit for more than 20-30 minutes at a time
  • stand up to stretch, change position and walk around a little
  • if you can't get up, at least massage the back of your head and neck

Drink Up

  • drink water instead of tea and coffee
If you have any questions you’d like me answer in the future, just leave them in the comments below.
— Jackie - Chiropractor

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