Healthy Living

I don't know about you guys but I'm always working to improve some part of my life or other! I figure if I improve one small thing at a time, at some point I'll have cracked it. I'll achieve the elusive - Healthy Lifestyle!

fossil fuel bars

My mission at the moment is to drastically reduce my sugar intake. I'm your typical sugar addict. If left to my own devices, I look at the dessert menu first to help me decide what to eat for the main course. I know I'm not alone, you've done that before too right? I realise that's not a healthy attitude and decided to do something about it.

Breakfast is doable by getting up a few minutes earlier. Scrambled eggs if I have more time and if I'm pushed for time, fruit with smashed up nuts and seeds on top. I'm lucky because I have a fridge and microwave at work so lunch is a breeze. I usually have lentils or quinoa with whatever raw veg I can find. If I have time before my next patient for the smell to go away, I add sardines or mackerel. I definitely last better through the afternoon when I add the protein! Dinner is also fine once you get your head around it. You can eat most of the meals you did before, just minus the potato, rice or pasta.

...but it's the snacks. Sometimes I want a little something and an apple or a handful of nuts just isn't going to cut it! Thankfully I've found some snack bars that hit the spot, fill me up, taste great... and are totally guilt free! Fossil Fuel have no refined sugar, no gluten and no preservatives! And they even have a choice of two great flavours.

So it really is possible to drastically reduce your sugar and not feel like you're depriving yourself. Now if I could just get everyone around me to stop eating sweet things it would make things a lot easier. Lead me not into temptation...

What's more, Fossil Fuel are based in Hull. Check out their wholefood energy bars.