Personal Training in Hull

personal training hull

Many of my patients get bored of the regular, static type core exercises and want to go to the next level. They realise they want to get fitter and stronger after their episode of back pain but don't really know how to go about it. They're also quite cautious, given what they've just been through with their back problems.

Personal Training is the most obvious answer.

  • You don't have to wonder if you're doing the right exercises because the program is made just for you
  • You don't have to worry whether you're doing it right because someone is watching you, correcting your technique all the time
  • You don't have the dreaded walk, alone into an intimidating gym. It's just you and him and the music.

If this sounds good to you, give James at Optimum 3 Personal Training a call on 07841 355491 to book your FREE consultation. Then enjoy discount on us for every session after that. Just quote CHIROBTC.