We’ve all had that moment when we catch our reflection in a shiny window and think “Wow! Is that what I really look like?!”

The bad news is it took us years to get that way so we can't correct it with any quick fixes. It'll take you a while to get the hang of your new posture so try not to get frustrated! The good news is, after removing the restrictions that prevent us from standing properly with the help of your local chiropractor, we can teach ourselves good posture!


Imagine pulling all the sides of the box towards the middle.

Imagine pulling all the sides of the box towards the middle.

This is how I teach my patients every day...

  • do a few pelvic tilts while standing to make sure your pelvis moves freely
  • tilt your pelvis all the way back and all the forward and then settle in the middle
  • try and pull your belly button back towards your spine and engage your core
  • imagine there is a box between your lower ribs and hips and you are trying to draw all the sides in
  • make sure you can still breathe and relax your shoulders down
  • you should feel your buttocks muscles slightly active with this
  • soften your knees
  • rock gently back and forth on your feet until you find the middle of your foot
  • there should be some weight on your heels and some weight on your big toes
  • again, relax your shoulders down and breathe

This is a good time to look at yourself side on in a mirror. If you were to drop a plumb line down you should be in a straight line. Make sure ears are over shoulders, are over hips, knees and ankles.

This is how we should hold ourselves ALL THE TIME! Practice when you brush your teeth, when you're in the shower, when you walk the dog, everywhere! Always think "Am I engaged?" It will feel alien to start with but the more your practice the easier it will become, until it's second nature and replaces your slouching posture.