Going on a Ski holiday this winter? Ski Safely

Ski holiday.png

A previous assumption was that skiing injuries usually occur on the first day. However it is now believed that you could be most vulnerable after a couple of days of using muscles that aren't used to the workload. Tired muscles coupled with an increased confidence can lead to injuries that have the potential to halt your holiday.

The main power muscles used in skiing are your quads (front thigh muscles) and glutes (buttocks). Strengthening these muscles in the weeks before you hit the slopes would be advisable.

Try these simple exercises: 

  • squats
  • lunges
  • gluteal clam

Practice your skiing stance - ensure your knees line up with 2nd & 3rd toes and find a neutral position for your pelvis

When you're out on the slopes, make sure you warm up your muscles and tease them into action. Don't hit the black runs straight away! Remember to take enough breaks throughout the day - overexertion can lead to injuries, listen to your body. Pain is a warning sign, don't abuse it.