4 Ways to Avoid Back Pain at Work


Did you know your body adapts to the position you assume for most of the day? Unfortunately for a lot of people, we spend most of the day sitting at home or at work. Your tissues and joints form around that posture which can eventually reduce your mobility and cause back pain. Here is some advice for you without having to change to a standing desk:

MOVE – simply stand up and walk around briefly every 30-45 minutes to ensure your joints are moving.

RELIEF POSITION – once you've moved, before getting back to your work, perform these simple steps to ensure your posture doesn't return immediately to its slouched position:

  • Sit at the edge of your chair with your legs slightly apart

  • Tilt your pelvis forward and lift your chest up (slightly arching your lower back)

  • Have your palms facing forwards turning your shoulders out

  • Hold your head high and take a deep breath in and out before returning to your work

DESK SET UP – ensure your screen and chair is of the right height so that your eyes are level with the top of your computer screen or laptop. Your elbows should be at a comfortable level and you should not be having to over reach.

A GOOD CHAIR IS IMPORTANT – if you spend the majority of your day sitting, your chair is vital. A good lumbar support is important to compliment the natural curves of your spine and prevent you from slouching. Ensure your shoulder blades are always in contact with your chair and this should stop you from leaning towards your computer screen.