Couch to 5km


Have you ever tried to start running but found yourself gasping for air and your lungs on fire after just a few minutes? At this point its very easy to give up and think running isn't for you. However, using a 'couch to 5k' program can make running continuously for up to 30 minutes very achievable even if you have previously not run before.

There are many different programs/apps/podcasts available online to use but I have looked a bit further in to the NHS Choices App which is a 9 week scheme consisting of an achievable 3 runs per week. During week one you are expected to start with a 5 minute brisk walk warm up before alternating between one minute of running and one and a half minutes of walking. As the weeks progress you will find your fitness quickly increases and the program will gradually increase the time you run. Before you know it you'll be smashing 5km without stopping to walk.

Benefits of Running

> Can help aid weight loss

> Reduce stress and anxiety as feel-good brain chemicals and hormones are released

> Reduce risk of heart disease

> Help improve and maintain the density and strength of bones which reduces risk of Osteoporosis

> Contrary to popular belief, running sensibly can help keep joints healthy by strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints