Common Running Faults


Running injuries are common and therefore it is easy to believe that running is bad for your body. However, our running form is often at fault for this and over time will lead to repetitive strain injuries. Common technique faults are:

Overstriding – our foot striking the floor out in from of your hips increases the impact through your joints which may lead to knee pain.

Rounding of shoulders (hunchback posture) – often translated from our working posture, we run with our head forwards and our shoulders rounded leading to midback pain, neck pain and sometimes headaches.

Leaning forwards – too much sitting day to day reduces the mobility of our hips over time. Once our hips are tight this can cause us to lean forwards as we run.

Bouncing – avoid running with too much vertical movement. Running with too much vertical motion will lead to increased impact forces upon your joints.

Cross over stride – try not to run like a cat-model walks. Ideally you could draw a line between your feet and your feet should never cross this line when running straight. If they do, try working on glute strengthening exercises.

Maybe when you're running pick one of these points to observe and work on for a few weeks at a time. It'll help you be mindful when you're running as well as slowly improve your form. If you have any queries, please call one of our chiropractors and they will be happy to help.