What is hip osteoarthritis?

Hip Osteoarthritis (OA) is rather common and can affect one or both hips. Changes in the joint often lead to pain, loss of mobility and muscle function. It can restrict daily activities and decrease quality of life. Some patients first notice things like it’s more difficult to put your shoes on or to get out of a car. 

What are the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis? 

  • You may feel pain deep in the front of your groin

  • The front and side of your thigh may be affected

  • Sometimes the pain may feel like it’s in your knee

  • Your buttocks may also feel painful

  • There is stiffness in the joint(s)

What is the treatment for hip osteoarthritis?

Manipulation or mobilisation have been found to be an effective treatment choice for Hip OA as an adjunct to core OA treatments and exercise.

hip injury image
If you feel you may have osteoarthritis in your hip we’d be happy to chat you about your symptoms.
— Jackie Cowie, Alex Tierney & Kristian Araneda - Chiropractors